Saturday, August 06, 2005

What a Mess!

Well, today went by entirely too fast! I went to work and did what I could do until I ran out of things to do. Then I took my two pugs to the San Antonio Pug Meetup. They had a blast! Idiot me forgot to bring the camera though, so I didn't get any pictures. This is them afterwards... wondering where all their new little friends are. And making a mess, of course!

While they laid down for a nap, I decided to tackle this...

Yikes! It started out as a beautiful hank, and turned into this while trying to make it more manageable. I don't know what I did wrong...Maybe it's time to buy a ball winder. Spent an hour working on this and it doesn't look much different. I think I need to make a deal with myself to work on it a little every night until I can finally make the scarf that it is meant to be! Any suggestions for avoiding this in the future will be greatly appreciated.

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