Sunday, September 23, 2007

So Exhausted

Well, I've been travelling for work again. Was in Texas City two weeks ago, Odessa last week, and will be in Texas City again for the next two weeks. Needless to say, my weekends have basically been filled with unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning house and re-packing. No time to do anything exciting. The Texas City work has been office work, which was fine, but Odessa was my first time out doing field work since the accident, and I think it was a little much for me so soon - I was hurting by Wednesday already. Ugh. And this weekend I have hardly been home either. Kyle decided he wanted to go geocaching today. Had a plan to do 15 caches so I can finally reach 200. I think we found five. Not a good caching day. I must say, though, we didn't actually look for all 15 caches though. Some of them were in questionable places, or in areas we passed and decided not to turn around to go find. Guess I should go log my caches. What I really want to do is sleep. Gotta get up at 4:30 to exercise before heading to the airport. Ick.

Ok, can hardly keep the eyes open. Taking my unfinished socks with me in hopes of having some time and energy to work on them. Maybe I'll have one done by the time I get home on Friday.... Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still around!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's a Girl!

While being distracted by football today, I did manage to put together one of my two Baby Snow Dragon. Kyle wanted a dragon that looked like Elliot from Pete's Dragon and this is what happened! I do believe that Elliot had a baby girl! I think she's the cutest of the animals so far. Heading to Texas City tomorrow, so won't be able to put the other one together until next weekend. Dang football. At least the Packers, Chargers AND Steelers won! Let me know what you think of Baby Ellie, and have a great week!

More Faces Only a Mother Can Love

Ok. Made the Aerial Pig the other day and again, I am quite proud of my accomplishment. Of course, he's sitting on the end of the coffee table looking scary right now. Yet another face only a mother can love! Here's a pic of my piggy with my nekkid sheep...

And, of course, the title of this post wouldn't be accurate without these pictures!

And then we move on to what I've been up to this weekend...

Now, some of you will know exactly what this is and what it's going to be, and some of you are probably thinking WTF? I guess you're just going to have to wait and see! I've got a few more pieces to make before assembly, so I'll be working on that while watching football. And maybe, just maybe, there will be another post at the end of the day...

Go Packers and Chargers!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weigh In Day #1

Well today was my first weigh in day after starting the Body for Life Program. I got up every morning at 5, did my required exercises (I'm proud of myself for that), ate 6 portion sized, healthy, balanaced meals daily, and drank 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. So now tell me, how could I have gained a pound, and 2% body fat? I could understand gaining weight if I had lost body fat, but to gain body fat? I haven't even eaten cheese this week! And you all know how I love my cheese. I just don't get it.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Nekkid Sheep

Seeing how there was an official mascot for International Crochet day, and the pattern was available, I decided I needed one to carry with me as a reminder of the upcoming holiday! He's my first stuffed animal, so he's a little wonky, but I think he's cute anyways. Probably one of those situations where only a mother can think he's cute, but oh well! Without further ado, here he is!

Pattern can be found here. Go and make your own International Crochet Day mascot!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

International Crochet Day!

Mr. Jimbo is trying his hardest to start a new holiday dedicated to crochet, and I'm here to help promote it! What am I gonna do? I'm going to let EVERYONE I know about it! And they're going to tell EVERYONE they know about it! And so on and so forth. Any friends and family interested in learning (I know of a few)? I'm here to help in whatever way, shape, or form! So go out, grab a hook and some yarn, and start crocheting! I was hoping I could use my floating holiday this year to sit around and crochet all day, but, alas, my company is sending me to a clients office that week and I am unable to. So, after work that day I plan on sitting in my hotel room and crocheting my little heart out until I can't crochet anymore. Have yet to figure out what I'm going to make, but whatever it is will be going to charity. Guess I should pick a charity first, eh? So, ideas and suggestions are welcome! I also know what YOU are going to do to honor and promote International Crochet Day!

In other news, I have an FO!!!! Bet you would never have guess that, eh? I made Kimberly's Sideways Lace Scarf and I think it turned out great! I used Bernat DenimStyle in a color whose name I can't read off the label. lol. The pattern in the yarn makes it a little difficult to see the pattern in the scarf, but I loved the yarn - it's so soft and snuggly! I found another nice soft and snuggly yarn to make another scarf out of, but it's just too fuzzy. It was one of Hobby Lobby's yarns, and it was on sale, but now I have two skeins of it and I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe tomorrow I can take a picture of the yarn and give ya'll the stats so you can help me out. I know you are all brilliant and have great ideas!

Ok, I need to go prepare the strawberry cheesecake for dessert so I can do some crocheting. So, I'll leave you with the pics of my scarf! Sorry the full length picture is a tad blurry. I'll have to try re-taking it sometime. I want to make more so if anyone wants one, shoot me a comment! Have a great night!

Oh yeah - added the second strip to my afghan. Don't remember if I told ya or not. But, here is the pic of that too!

Some Better Pictures

Kyle was a real sweety yesterday and bought me one of those LCD picture frames for our anniversary. But, no only did he do that, he scanned several of our wedding photos and loaded them, along with photos from other great times we've had together, into the frame. He also loaded in our wedding song and the song that was played while our guests were being seated so they play when you're viewing the slideshow. Isn't that just so wonderful? It made me cry. Anyways, I had him email me some of the pictures that he scanned so I can post a couple of better pictures. Here they are!

First off - Kyle waiting for the wedding to begin. Like the sunglasses?

Me in the gazebo...

Me and Kyle (my favorite picture)...

and the whole family...

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today hubby's and my anniversary. Happy Anniversary to us! 3 years down and many more to go. Love you baby! Muah!

Here's a picture of us on this day in 2004 with Kyle's parents. The lighting is kind of off, but it's the best one I have and I can't fix it here.

One of these days I'll figure out how to post clickable images....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

It Has Begun!

So, I went to my annual physical this past Friday and was informed that I had gained 23 pounds over the past year. 23 POUNDS!! How could I have let that happen? And that doesn't count all the weight that I had lost and gained back after many failed attempts at weight loss. Not good. The doctor suggested the Body for Life program by Bill Phillips. I bought the book a long time ago, read it, but never went through with it. I decided that now is the time. And what's perfect about my timing is a new challenge begins tomorrow! And a co-worker is interested in doing the program with me. So, we started today! I got up, did my upper body workout and have been eating balanced meals every couple of hours. And I'm determined to stick with it for the whole 12 weeks. We bought my sisters home gym from her and purchased a stationary bike from Academy. I'm all set and ready to go! Wish me luck! I'll keep you updated on how I'm doing and if you're lucky, I'll post my before and after pictures at the end of November!

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Weekend!