Saturday, August 13, 2005

Happy Crochet Day

Today I dedicate my day to crochet. No grocery shopping, no house cleaning, no work. Just me, my dogs and my hook and yarn. Tomorrow there will be time to worry about the rest of that stuff.

So far today, I have been shopping for yarn and gifts for my SP. Found the stuff for my SP that I needed, but was unable to find yarn that really grabbed me for my Cathedral Window Afghan. Found one variagated that I really like, but there wasn't enough of it to buy in the first place, and of the skeins they did have, the lot numbers didn't match. Oh well. Guess I will have to go online to find that perfect yarn.

After 5 tries I finally got a carousel square to come out to be 6"! Woohoo! Now to try it will 2 colors! Here's the carousel square...
I'm up to 11 of my 35 squares. One of them is too big, though, so I guess that doesn't count. So, I'm really up to 10 of my 35 squares. Maybe I'll work on those today! Or maybe I'll start on my gift for my SP. I need to put a box together for her too, so I can get her first surprise in the mail! Secret Pals are so fun. And the one that I have is the BEST! Oh, here's a pic of the rest of my squares...

I still need to weave in some ends. I dread doing that!

Have a Happy Day!


DAWN said...

Your squares look great and good for you for taking a crochet day.

Stephknits3 said...

I don't like weaving in ends either. Pretty squares!

Summerysmile said...

I love the carousel square! I made one too .... I'm too scared to attempt it in 2 colors though!!

Good job!