Thursday, October 19, 2006

Quick Update

I think about updating this everyday on my drive to and from work and during lunch, but never seem to push myself to do it when I get home at night. So, I figured that as long as I was thinking about it while on lunch, that I would do a quick update. Yeah!

I finished one of two baby blankets for the twins. Here is the first one...

It's not quite as dark as it looks in the picture, but it's the best picture I have. The second one is about halfway done. I took the advice of my buddies over at Fiber Freaks and am making the second blankie in the same pattern, but reversed colors. I hope Jess doesn't freak about it being mostly white. I had mentioned that as a concern, and they all said that it's going to be washed everyday no matter what the color. If she has a fit, I'll just have to make another one, I guess. The blankies are made with TLC Amore and they are so very warm and snuggly! Thinking I may have to make an adult sized one for myself. lol.

Other finished projects? More dishcloths...

And a scarf using broomstick lace...

WIPs include the second blankie which I don't have a picture of, a second French Market bag which I don't have a picture of, and a pair of socks...

I've gotten a bit farther on the socks since the picture was taken, but not much.

In other news, our plans for going to Wisconsin have been finalized! We have our plane tickets, we have guanentee's from work that we have days off that we need, and as of last night, we have our costumes! I'm so very excited. Kyle is going as Jack Skelington, and I'm going as the Wicket Witch of the West. I'm so thrilled with this costume. Though it barely fits. Guess that means no more eating out for me! And that excercising I've been "planning" on doing is actually going to have to get done. I just love halloween. So much fun to be able to dress up as something that you always wanted to be or in my case, as my parents would say, a chance to show your true self. lol. Tell me what you think of the costume...

One of these days I'll actually get around to updating my links in my sidebar and whatnot too. Right now I have to eat. My stomach feels like it's going to start devouring itself! Then again, that my not be a bad thing. lol.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just for Fun

Actualy posting to come later...

Found these through Kimberly. Apparently we are amazingly alike...

You Are Guinness

You know beer well, and you'll only drink the best beers in the world.
Watered down beers disgust you, as do the people who drink them.
When you drink, you tend to become a bit of a know it all - especially about subjects you don't know well.
But your friends tolerate your drunken ways, because you introduce them to the best beers around.

What Color is Your Brain?


At work or in school: I like to be with people, sharing with them, inspiring them, and helping them. I work and learn best when I can take into consideration people and the human element. I flourish in an atmosphere of cooperation.
With friends: I always look for perfect love. I am very romantic, and I enjoy doing thoughtful things for others. I am affectionate, supportive and a good listener.
With family: I like to be happy and loving. I am very sensitive to rejection from my family and to family conflicts. I really like to be well thought of and need frequent reassurance. I love intimate talks and warm feelings.
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Your Haloween Costume Should Be

A Sexy Bunny

You Are

An Evil Pumpkin Face

You would make a good pumpkin bomb.

You Should Rule Mars

Mars is a planet that shines brightly and loops wildly around the solar system.

You are perfect to rule Mars, because you are both energetic and independent.
Like Mars, you seems attractive and bright to others - but you're difficult to pin down.

You are a great thinker, but you only think in the present and ignore the future.
Full of enthusiasm and inspiration, you are into your own thing... and rather insensitive to others.

You Are The Stuffing

You're complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.
People miss you if you're gone - but they're not sure why.

What kind of knitting needles are you?

You are interchangeable.Fun, free, and into everything, you've got every eventuality covered and every opportunity just has to be taken. Every fiber is wonderful, and every day is a new beginning. You are good at so many things, it's amazing, but you can easily lose your place and forget to show up. They have row counters for people like you!
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