Monday, May 31, 2010

Ribbit, ribbit....

About an hours worth of stitching coming out because I can't count! Ugh. Oh, and did I mention that I'm working with a red overdyed thread that is turning my material and bone needle pink? Yikes! Is it time to go home yet?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WIP Wednesday

As promised, today won't be image heavy! Been working on Quaker Samplings I and only on Quaker Samplings I. Very happy with the way it's turning out! Having lots of fun stitching it, and can't wait til it's done.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Must Be Crazy

What in the heck have I gotten myself into this time?!!?!? Been cruising the message boards and found a post for a SAL for Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED) "Faery Tales". Having never heard of this particular chart, I decided to take a look. I fell in love! So, of course I joined! The SAL starts June 1st. I have the chart on order, and an idea of fabric already. The chart should be here by Friday. My only problem is finding the time to do it!!! I have SO much to do the way it is, and I need to get more models done for the store because models sell charts! Anyone want to donate some models? :)

Anyways, here's a picture of what I'll be doing. Maybe I can dedicate one day a week to it... Wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WIP Wednesday

So, DH gave me a hard time in the store's forums a little while ago about all my WIPs. I therefore took pictures of all the WIPs I had here with me at the store and followed up by posting them in the forums. However, I realized that some of you may be interested in seeing them as well, and not frequent the forums, so I figured I'd do a WIP Wednesday. I'll post pictures of all WIPs I have right now, and then each Wednesday I'll post any progress pics I have. :)

So, first off is "For This Child" by My Big Toe. This is actually a commissioned project for my father's ex-admin assistant who is now a grandma! Congratulations Tracey!

I am using Gentle Arts black raspberry jam and old red paint on 32 copper penny linen.

#2 is "Peppermint Twist" by Blue Ribbon Designs. I have decided that I REALLY like this designer! I'm doing this as a Christmas SAL with Yoyo and a bunch of others! I'm using the called for Weeks Dye Works colors on 36 ct flax. Very happy with how it's turning out so far!

OK, so the next two might be considered UFOs at this point as for various reasons I haven't picked them up for a while. I still wanted to share them, though, so when I do get the chance to work on them again we'll be able to see the progress!

That being said, #3 is "Caring Wings" by Mirabilia. Basically she got put down in order to get things done for Christmas last year and hasn't been picked up again because there's always something that HAS to be done first! I'm using the called for threads, but for the life of me can't remember what material I'm working on...

#4 - some of you already know the story of why this one is a UFO right now. I'll keep it short by saying that "Sleepy Hollow" by Glendon Place is currently in time out. Something having to do with spending more then 2 hours frogging silk threads.... Anyways, it's being done as called for, fabric and all.

Back to a relatively current project....#5 is "Jardin d'jour" by Needlemania. I fell in love with the pattern and decided I needed to do it twice. Once in blue on a brown fabric and once in brown on blue fabric. Colors were matched to a pillow from my bedroom and I plan on hanging them both on a wall. Whether or not that will happen, we'll just have to wait and see. The pattern is fun, so it just might! Can't remember the names of the colors off the top of my head, but the fabric is 32 count (maybe chocolate brown?) and the thread is Threadworx (something to do with rain).

One more cross stitch WIP to go! This one was actually started yesterday. I was gently reminded by a great customer that I had a designer coming into the store in July and it would probably be nice to have something of hers hanging on my wall. So, I went through a list in my head of anyone who I know who might have one for me, but came up blank. Then I tried to come up with someone willing to do one for me but with the amount of time involved, came up blank there too. Therefore, below we have "Quaker Samplings I" by With my needle. I'm using 32 ct Light Examplar linen and Currant by Gentle Arts. Loving the big differences in color.

Last, but definitely not least, a WIP for you crocheters out there. This is the Sweetheart Ripple afghan featured in the Feb 2009 Crochet World magazine. The yarn is "I Love This Yarn" in cream and a purple whose name I can't remember. Very easy and enjoyable to do when I have time!

That's it! I promise next Wed won't be so long :) Guess I best get to work now!

Happy stitching!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quick Correction

I have been told that those baby birds are barn swallows, no muddaubers... They're still precious though! Whatever they are!

Tick Bite?

So, Kyle was out roaming around in the outdoors geocaching a week ago and came home with an insect bite of some sort on his ankle. A week later, it looked like this:

You can't quite see it well with the camera, but it looks like a classic bulls eye and to me screams tick bite. Especially since I had an ex-coworker who got bit by a tick and that's what his looked like. Kyle, of course, being a man, didn't believe me. Had to look it up online. Saw several pictures that looked just like his ankle. Hmmmmm. Still didn't believe me. Emailed his dad the picture of his ankle. Dad doesn't think it's a tick bite and he will be ok. Step mom, Jackie, isn't sure what it is and thinks he should go see a doctor. He finally conceded in going to urgent care (doesn't matter that his bite looked like a known tick bite and I had been telling him to go to the doc for several hours already). So, first off, I want to say a big thank you to Jackie for supporting me! Because without you, who knows what would have happened? Anyways, the doctor wasn't sure what kind of bite it was but he was going to treat it like a tick bite because Lyme Disease is not something you want to get. Kyle is now on antibiotics and I'm happy. Of course, now he's saying that he has to stay off his feet as much as possible and therefore can't mow the lawn, do the dishes or do laundry. Nice try! I keep telling him that if he would let me close the store for one day a week I'd be happy to help! Still no luck with that. Men!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Cats, Dogs, Baby Birds, and Tea!

So, I was talking to Ma Teakettle on facebook the other day, and I realized that I didn't have any recent pictures of my kiddos! Therefore, I pulled out the good camera, charged the batteries and went on a mission for good pictures :). No one really wanted to sit nice for me, but I did manage to get a few good ones. We're currently pug sitting for my parents while they are gone, and I was extremely shocked that I could get all five dogs to stay on the back porch long enough for me to snap a picture. Only the girls are looking at the camera and smiling, but I got all five!

This is Sally cat in her normal complaining mood. I swear she is always complaining about something... either you're not petting her when she wants to be pet, or you're petting her when she doesn't, or she wants food or water or a straw...

And Oogie Boogie being his lazy self. He's gotten huge! Think it's time to put him on a diet.... Wish I could get a good picture of him without him looking evil, because despite his name and his eyes, he really isn't evil! The beautiful blue eyes just don't like to be photographed.

My stuck up kitty - Jack. Thinks he can get away with anything and normally does. Thought this picture showed off his personality perfectly!

And last, but not least, the baby muddaubers outside the store. Aren't they just the most precious things? I have several good pictures, but this was the only one that showed all five of them. Maybe I'll post the others at a later date. Will have to keep my camera close so I can get more pics of them growing up.

Now on to the good stuff. Tea! Those that know me well know how I love my tea. I've even gone so far as to write a post solely about Teavana - my favorite tea store! Anyways, I was off updating myself on everyone else's blogs and Miss Parsley informed her followers about a teapot giveaway! Check out Anne's blog and leave a comment to get entered into the drawings. Not only is she giving away one teapot, she's giving away two! And they are awesome. Thank you Anne for your generosity!

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Not a Great Day

Didn't sleep well last night and am feeling incredibly cruddy today. Been nauseous all morning and it's all I can do to keep food down right now! No fun. Finally was able to finishing entering all my new charts and gadgets into the computer at the store that arrived this week. So much fun stuff! Still need to price them and get them on the floor, but again with this whole tired/sick stuff, I can't find the energy.

I had a customer yesterday mention the message board at and felt a tad guilty that I haven't been keeping up with it. So after reading everyone's updated blogs I trudged on over there only to find a crochet afghan I want to do! For those of you that don't know, is a cross stitch site. Go figure. So, I downloaded the magazine from and printed the pattern. Guess I'll be hitting up the yarn stash this evening. Just what I need - another project! I think I have something like 6 or 7 cross stitch projects going right now, and I won't even mention the number of crochet and knit UFOs that have been sitting on the back burner since I picked up cross stitch again.

Guess I should really get back to work, and try to eat something as well. So, I'll close with a few pics of my cross stitch WIPs.

Happy stitching (or crocheting, or knitting, or whatever craft you do)!

Peppermint Twist by Blue Ribbon Designs

For This Child by My Big Toe

Jardin d'Jour by Needlemania