Friday, September 22, 2006

Wisconsin Here We Come?

Well, maybe! Hubby and I have been invited to a Halloween part in Milwaukee by some of the guys we play WOW with. We both agree that it would be a great way to meet everyone in person PLUS if we can go up for a few days we can even go see my family! How fun would that be? I called my boss when I was out of town last week, just to check the schedule for the last Monday and Tuesday of the month, and she actually put me down for two vacation days. Woohoo! And Kyle thinks he can get that weekend of the party off as well. So, we're good to go there. The only problem is finding the money for plane tickets. Sigh. We can get a good deal on Southwest, but that would involve driving up from Chicago. And while usually I don't mind, I'm going to be travelling so much between now and then that I'm more than likely not going to want to spend another 3 hours in the car after the flight. Too bad I don't have any free flights yet!

On the crafty front, I finished my third garterlac last night. Still don't have pictures, but did finish it! Worked a coule of more rounds on my sock until I started to fall asleep, then started on my first baby blanket this morning while waiting for my carpool to come out of the house. The yarn I picked for the blankets is kind of a pain, but it's going to be so warm and snuggly when it's done! I think I'll work on that today while waiting to get my blood drawn on lunch break. Give myself a little break from knitting. Of course, I also have my sock with me, as well as needles and yarn for another garterlac in case I get bored with afghan. lol. I'm horrible.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Adult ADD?

Anyone have it? I think i do. I've been really into those Garterlac discloths lately - even bought a pound cone of yarn to make them! I have managed to make 2.5 so far and am addicted to the pattern. So, I went to Hobby Lobby last night to check out baby stuff (need to get started on making stuff for nephews) and I bought even MORE yarn for dishcloths. The plan was to finish the one I was working on, maybe make one more, then get started on the first of two baby afghans when I got home. So what did I do last night? I taught myself to use dpn's and started a sock. Go figure. What happened to the dishcloth addiction? And finishing my current project? No wonder I have so many WIPs that need finishing. Maybe I can force myself to finish the one discloth before continuing on the sock. And take some pictures.

I get to go to Grand Chenier Louisiana next week for work. My doctor will probably have a hissy fit since I came back from West Texas last week with a blood clot. But, I figure, I'll be on blood thinners, so shouldn't be so much of a risk, right? Been giving myself shots all week and if you looked at my belly you would think I was some kind of weird drug user. Thankfully I do the last one tonight. Tomorrow I get to get poked one last time for the week and have some blood work done up. Some to check the levels of blood thinners in my blood stream, and a whole slew of tests to make sure my blood is actually ok since this is the second time I've had a blood clot. Should be tons of fun! Then I get to go see the doctor on Saturday to get results and break the news of my travel schedule. I think I will be in the office for one entire week until the beginning of November. She won't be happy. And neither will Kyle. But, what can one do? Gotta earn money somehow!

Ok, need to find work now. Here's another picture from Aruba to amuse you...

Just one of the many friends we made on our hotels private island.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

As promised...

A picture of my entrelac dishcloth! It's big, and wonky, but I'm proud of it! I'm about halfway done with my second one, but haven't been able to work on it as I've been in west Texas and haven't had the time. Sigh. Oh well.

Wow! My picture actually uploaded this time! Nice.

I finished painting this past weekend. I'm very happy with the color, but I think I'm going to have to do a second coat. I took some pictures, and of course, the colors didn't turn out completely right, but it's close! So here are some pictures. Please ignore the fact that there's furniture, cat furniture, and other things kind of scattered about. I didn't have a chance to put everything back where it belonged yet, which I guess is a good thing because it's going to have to be moved again anyways for the second coat. Let me know what you think!

My entry way (that chair belongs upstairs in the game room, but actually matches the paint rather well! lol)

My formal living room. Eventually that cat tree, sewing machine cabinet, and ab roller will be out of the middle of it...

and last but not least, the back wall of the dining room. Matches the chairs rather well, does it not? I'm so happy to finally get the chance to put some color on the walls. It makes my house feel warmer to me.

Alright - it's getting close to bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be an extremely long day in the field and I need my beauty rest! Hopefully I'll get the chance to post again soon! And there might even be a pleasant surprise for some of you...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Past few weeks...

well, the weeks since i last posted haven't exactly been the best weeks for me. my new laptop blew out two power cords. had to take it back to best buy where they said it sounded like a grounding problem. they weren't even going to turn the computer on because "that's how fires start". nice. so, they took my word for it and exachanged computers without any questions. i guess that was good. that weekend i went out to dallas with izzy for stephanies birthday. she wanted to do a mary kay makeover party and then go out. we had a great time, it was good to see steph (as always) and great to see her sisters again (who i haven't seen since she got married almost 10 years ago) and meet some new people. only problem is i've felt like i've had a hangover ever since. and i didn't drink. go figure. then, last week, i broke my toe. if you haven't done it already, take my advice - don't. it hurts. bad. thankfully i haven't had any field work to do since. it is now finally getting better though. it's not nearly as swollen and it doesn't hurt as much. just looks bad. then, yesterday, i started getting sick. couldn't keep food down. had to go home from work early. and, of course, i carpooled, so in order to do that, kyle had to come pick me up. he wasn't too happy. i stayed home today too, but haven't thrown up since around 10. very good. maybe i'll get to go back to work tomorrow.

on the good side of things, kyle and i agreed on a color to paint the front living room, dining room, and entryway. so, while he worked over the long weekend, i was out shopping and to lunch and the movies with the girls on saturday, and spent sunday and monday (our 2 year anniversary) painting. woohoo! and the color looks good! i'm thrilled. i need to go out and get more blue tape though, so i can finish. let's see, what else was good? oh yeah. i finished an enterlac dishcloth! woohoo! didn't think i could, but once i understood the pattern it was easy peasy. it turned out huge, and a bit wonky, but i'm still excited! i'm working on another one right now with smaller needles. i'll get a picture of them when i finish the second one. and the last bit of good news? kyle and i installed our very first fan! only took us two years to find one that it perfect for the bedroom. lol. but, we did find it, and we installed it last night. well, kyle installed it, but i helped! i can't tell you how nice it feels to finally have a fan in there! now we just need to find them for the rest of the house. it will really help with that $250 electric bill!

ok, so i just realized how very unamusing this post has been... i'll just have to make it up to you by posting a picture from aruba. this one is one of my favorites and the view from our hotel room. grrrr. will someone tell me why my picture isn't uploading? i've tried three times already! i guess i'll post the picture as soon as i can figure out why it won't upload and fix the issue.

(apparently i can cut and paste html code from a previous post and change the photo name. woohoo!)