Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oh yeah, I forgot

For those of you waiting for this news...I went to see the nephrologist yesterday to get the results of my tests and see if I can have babies. And her answer was my kidney function is still stable at 50%. That's good news. The protein I lose did not significantly increase when taken off the Atacand. More good news. But then, she brought out the most recent study of pregnant women with FSGS. Of course, the most recent study was 1988, but the results are still valid. And here they are: 50% of the fetus's die. To top it off, 50% of the women suffered irreversible kidney damage and were on dialysis within 4 years. Not good statistics, eh? So, it was highly recommended that I not have babies. :( And these statistics didn't include my problem with blood clots. So, that's that. Guess we'll have to look into adoption! And in the meantime, spoil those little nephews of mind like crazy!


Ok, I must start off by saying that Josh Groban is a major cutie. And boy, can the dude sing! Mom and Dad gave us tickets to his concert for Christmas and off we went on Thursday! Kyle said he would just "suck it up" and go with me. Turns out he really enjoyed it. I must say it was one of the best concerts I have been to. And not only can he sing, but he's great with the crowd as well. Definitely recommend you make it to one of his shows if you get the chance.

The opening band was wonderful as well. Angelique Kidjo is the name. Music is African, and has a wonderful beat if you don't mind not knowing what the heck they are singing. I fell in love with her voice as well. Check her out when you get a chance. She sung a duet with Josh during the concert that was very moving. It's going to be on her new album coming out May 1st. I can't wait!

Mom and Dad are on their way out from Cali to visit for a while. Mom's spring break is next week, so she'll be out here all week. Dad will be leaving Wed. to go back to work. Unfortunately I'm leaving Monday to head out to Odessa so I'll only get to see them tomorrow evening. I'm so sad that I can't spend more time with them!

On the craft front, not much has been done lately. I've been working on my self fringing shawl when I have the time, but the time just isn't there. Work has been driving me insane and shipping me off to all corners of Texas. I try to bring my knitting with me, but by the time I get back to the hotel at night I don't want to do anything but sleep. Which is what I want to do now. Been going all day - mowed the lawn, ran errands, fed nephews, ran errands with sister and nephews, fed nephews again, entertained nephews... Finally have a chance to sit down, and I just want to do nothing. At least I'm blogging though, right?