Saturday, May 05, 2007


have I not been wanting to craft lately? I just don't get it. I have a knit shawl that I want to finish so I can start on new projects, and I'm still finding all sorts of new projects that I want to start, but I just can't get myself motivated to knit. Maybe it's all the travelling?

I'm so exhausted from travelling that I actually slept until 9:30 this morning. That's not like me. And I had to pull over into a parking lot to nap on my way home from work yesterday because I was falling asleep while I was driving. Not good. And to keep you updated - I leave again for Texas City on Monday, come home Wed. then I'm off to Dallas on Thurs with my capoeira group. Yea! 2 days off, but yet I'm still travelling. Then the next week I'm in Longview, and the week after back in Texas City. And supposedly Lake Charles Louisiana the week after with another trip to Texas City the week after THAT. One of my clients wants me to do some work out in Louisiana (not sure where) and right now I'm travelling through the middle of June. Ugh.

But, enough of the complaints. My sister and I took my nephews to Lowes last week and bought some plants for our gardens. I'm so excited about what I got! Too bad I'm not home to enjoy them... Anyways, lookie at what I got!

Stargazer Lilies - My favoritest flower in the whole world! And from what the tags say, they sould be really happy in my garden! They're so pertty.

And orange/red Lantana's. Woot! They look pertty too.

Of course, I may not be obsessed with my knitting lately, but I have been obsessed with my babies. They've been so good lately.
Waiting for Daddy...
Woot! Daddy's home!
We're so good!
For some reason, my layout isn't working for me today. And I've just spent way too much time struggling with it. Oh well. You'll survive, right? Hope ya have a GREAT weekend!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I May Be a Genius in Disguise

So, not 5 minutes after my last post, I decided to play around and may have actually figured it out! Woot! Now to get home and get the rest of my codes to post....

Web Rings

So, I'm involved in several web rings out there, but for some reason I cannot get the links added into my template! I'm getting so frustrated it's not even funny. I have literally pasted that code in between every line of my html code and either it doesn't show up or i get an error message. GRRRR! Oh yeah, and I had one of the rings on my blog before this whole switchover to google and it has disappeared. So, I've requested the code again, but can't get it to show! WTF? Anybody out there using google blogger that can help me? It would be so greatly appreciated!