Friday, August 05, 2005


Wow, what a nasty week of work! And unfotunately, although it's Friday, I still have one more day left. I'm trying to make up some time that I missed last week due to doctors appointments and Doctors orders. Turns out, I have vertigo. Woohoo! The doctor has put me on medications that make me loopy, and told me to take it easy and stick in the office for work for the week. Well, that was all good until my boss forced me out into the field for groundwater sampling today. I wasn't a happy camper. And now I'm feeling about 10 times worse. I'm surprised I actually made it upstairs to check email! (I keep waiting to hear from my SP, but nothing :( ) Oh well. Time to order pizza and work on some long awaited projects! And spend some time contemplating whether or not I want to move from working as a Geologist to working as a Chemist.....All sorts of fun!

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