Friday, November 11, 2005

Date Night

Had a date night with hubby Kyle last night for the first time in a long time. We decided to drive up to New Braunfels and attend Wurstfest! And had a blast. My work day was crap, and I ended up working through lunch, so we kind of pigged out last night on the food and beer. Had brats on hardrolls with saurkraut and german potato salad, of course, and then some fried pickels, fried stuffed olives, and even fried oreos. Yummy! Plus of course, we had beer - Warsteiner Dunkel to be exact. Pretty tasty. Was nice to be able to have a fun evening with Kyle and do some relaxing after a stressful, and downright nasty day at work! Of course, today hasn't been much better. I'm having to clean up after someone elses mistake, and have another treat me like a child over it and over writing reports. Hey, I'm a grown adult! Treat me like one! You'll get much better work out of me that way!

I finally got my new computer at work, so that is something on the bright side. Only problem is that it is a laptop and my keyboard and mouse don't work with it! I have bad tendinitis in my wrists, and after working on this computer for an hour they were already hurting. I'm at the point now where they are numb. And my project manager won't let me get ones that work, or connections so my old ones will work. The office manager has to order them apparently (of course, he can go buy his own stuff), and she's not back in til Monday. Hopefully I'll spend most of Monday doing research for a proposal so it won't be too much typing.

I look forward to this weekend. Weigh in day is tomorrow, and despite my lapse in diet food yesterday, I still think I did OK. The November Pug Meet-up is also tomorrow, and they'll have a photographer there taking Christmas pictures. It'll be interesting to see if I can get one of me and the three monsters. Too bad Kyle has to work. I really hate him working weekends! Sunday should be a relaxing day. Planning on working on O.V.'s afghan, and the project I'm working on for Cheryl for the Christmas exchange. I just hope I can get it all done on time! Been spending way too much time behind the computer at home playing Warcraft and not crocheting. That's going to have to change soon, and I think this weekend will be perfect for it, don't you?

Ok, I think that's enough procrastinating. I need to finish up this report I'm writing and do my timesheet so I can go home. Have a great weekend!


Kimberly said...

How strange that your keyboard and mouse don't work on your new laptop - most laptops should have a plug and play adaptor installed inside so that you can still hook up the older eqipment!

What great fun it sounds like you & Kyle had - Warsteiner - yummy!!!! I drank a fair amount of that in Dublin (okay, in Ireland drinking German beer - crazy I know, but a girl could only drink so much Guinness!!)

Jenny Moore said...

Yeah, you're right - it general is plug and play, but it doesn't work real well when you can't plug! LOL. Need different connections...