Thursday, November 03, 2005

Camera cord, camera cord, where are you?

Ok, well I know I promised pictures of my table and my completed work today, but my cord to connect the camera to the computer seems to have grown legs and walked away! Whereever could it be? I wonder if it's at work (yes, I know I should be at work, but I ate something funny yesterday and my tummy is still rejecting it). Hopefully I will find it there tomorrow.

The table was already in the house and set up by the time I got home yesterday and it looks marvelous! Now all we need is a new chandelier and some furniture for the sitting area, and the house will almost be complete! The only thing that will be left is to replace our bedroom furniture so we can have a queen sized bed for the guest room. Oh, and I want to paint. Still trying to twist Kyle's arm enough to let me. I do have the go ahead for the dining room, so that's just picking out a color. It's the rest of the house I want to paint! And the bedroom really should be done before we put new furniture in there - otherwise it will be a major pain to take everything apart and out.

Goodness, I can't believe it's 2:00 already! Where has the morning gone? I wonder if Joe has sent me those boring logs yet... Guess I should check and do what work I can do from here! I get to go do some groundwater sampling next week - am thrilled. The weather has been perfect for being out for a day or two! Plus, I can use the overtime that will come with it seeing how Christmas is coming!

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