Saturday, May 20, 2006

Exhaustion Sets In

Well, after working at Chico's for 5 days, the exhaustion has finally sank in. My back and feet are killing me, and I'm at the point that I don't want to do ANYTHING! That includes email, blogging, and even crocheting. I just want to sit in the bath and go to sleep. Two more days of this and I have two days off. Woohoo!

I did have some good things happen this week, though. I went to my neighbors Mary Kay meeting on Wednesday night and won a $200.00 drawing. I was so incredibly excited! I never, and I mean NEVER, win anything! That money is going straight into savings for Aruba (well, actually, it bought me some new clothes - but daddy was sending me money for new clothes so THAT is going into savings for Aruba lol). Go me! I also got a call last night from TCEQ (Texas Center for Environmental Quality - or something like that) wanting me to interview for a position with them on May 30. Of course, I accepted! They're the regulators of the consulting firms. And it's a government job so that means excellent benefits! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get it. Sad that I would have to give up Chico's though. Maybe they'll work with me and let me bump down to part time... Let's see, what else? Oh yeah. I FINALLY got 1 of my 2 medical reimbursements in the mail today, so I'm another $250 richer! woohoo! Debating whether or not I want to put that in savings for Aruba too, or treat myself to a pair of MTBs ( for work. They're really expensive, but if they make the foot and back pain go away, they'll be worth it! Of course, I really should wait and see if I get that TCEQ job first - because that would entail a lot of sitting...

Anyways, that's all I know for now! Kyle should be getting off work any minute and I'm going to need to start making dinner. And pay attention to the doggies. And maybe work a bit on my serepina shawl that I'm doing in a laceweight wool yarn. Insane? Yes, I know.

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Tandi said...

GOod to hear about the interview! Glad the job is going well.