Friday, September 22, 2006

Wisconsin Here We Come?

Well, maybe! Hubby and I have been invited to a Halloween part in Milwaukee by some of the guys we play WOW with. We both agree that it would be a great way to meet everyone in person PLUS if we can go up for a few days we can even go see my family! How fun would that be? I called my boss when I was out of town last week, just to check the schedule for the last Monday and Tuesday of the month, and she actually put me down for two vacation days. Woohoo! And Kyle thinks he can get that weekend of the party off as well. So, we're good to go there. The only problem is finding the money for plane tickets. Sigh. We can get a good deal on Southwest, but that would involve driving up from Chicago. And while usually I don't mind, I'm going to be travelling so much between now and then that I'm more than likely not going to want to spend another 3 hours in the car after the flight. Too bad I don't have any free flights yet!

On the crafty front, I finished my third garterlac last night. Still don't have pictures, but did finish it! Worked a coule of more rounds on my sock until I started to fall asleep, then started on my first baby blanket this morning while waiting for my carpool to come out of the house. The yarn I picked for the blankets is kind of a pain, but it's going to be so warm and snuggly when it's done! I think I'll work on that today while waiting to get my blood drawn on lunch break. Give myself a little break from knitting. Of course, I also have my sock with me, as well as needles and yarn for another garterlac in case I get bored with afghan. lol. I'm horrible.

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