Thursday, September 21, 2006

Adult ADD?

Anyone have it? I think i do. I've been really into those Garterlac discloths lately - even bought a pound cone of yarn to make them! I have managed to make 2.5 so far and am addicted to the pattern. So, I went to Hobby Lobby last night to check out baby stuff (need to get started on making stuff for nephews) and I bought even MORE yarn for dishcloths. The plan was to finish the one I was working on, maybe make one more, then get started on the first of two baby afghans when I got home. So what did I do last night? I taught myself to use dpn's and started a sock. Go figure. What happened to the dishcloth addiction? And finishing my current project? No wonder I have so many WIPs that need finishing. Maybe I can force myself to finish the one discloth before continuing on the sock. And take some pictures.

I get to go to Grand Chenier Louisiana next week for work. My doctor will probably have a hissy fit since I came back from West Texas last week with a blood clot. But, I figure, I'll be on blood thinners, so shouldn't be so much of a risk, right? Been giving myself shots all week and if you looked at my belly you would think I was some kind of weird drug user. Thankfully I do the last one tonight. Tomorrow I get to get poked one last time for the week and have some blood work done up. Some to check the levels of blood thinners in my blood stream, and a whole slew of tests to make sure my blood is actually ok since this is the second time I've had a blood clot. Should be tons of fun! Then I get to go see the doctor on Saturday to get results and break the news of my travel schedule. I think I will be in the office for one entire week until the beginning of November. She won't be happy. And neither will Kyle. But, what can one do? Gotta earn money somehow!

Ok, need to find work now. Here's another picture from Aruba to amuse you...

Just one of the many friends we made on our hotels private island.

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Kimberly said...

Trust me - you are not the only one with ADD when it comes to projects. I pick things up and put them down on whims - I have about 20 different WIPs in my apartment, some of which I have lost err misplaced the pattern, forgotten what size hook I was using and others I just lost interest in!