Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Past few weeks...

well, the weeks since i last posted haven't exactly been the best weeks for me. my new laptop blew out two power cords. had to take it back to best buy where they said it sounded like a grounding problem. they weren't even going to turn the computer on because "that's how fires start". nice. so, they took my word for it and exachanged computers without any questions. i guess that was good. that weekend i went out to dallas with izzy for stephanies birthday. she wanted to do a mary kay makeover party and then go out. we had a great time, it was good to see steph (as always) and great to see her sisters again (who i haven't seen since she got married almost 10 years ago) and meet some new people. only problem is i've felt like i've had a hangover ever since. and i didn't drink. go figure. then, last week, i broke my toe. if you haven't done it already, take my advice - don't. it hurts. bad. thankfully i haven't had any field work to do since. it is now finally getting better though. it's not nearly as swollen and it doesn't hurt as much. just looks bad. then, yesterday, i started getting sick. couldn't keep food down. had to go home from work early. and, of course, i carpooled, so in order to do that, kyle had to come pick me up. he wasn't too happy. i stayed home today too, but haven't thrown up since around 10. very good. maybe i'll get to go back to work tomorrow.

on the good side of things, kyle and i agreed on a color to paint the front living room, dining room, and entryway. so, while he worked over the long weekend, i was out shopping and to lunch and the movies with the girls on saturday, and spent sunday and monday (our 2 year anniversary) painting. woohoo! and the color looks good! i'm thrilled. i need to go out and get more blue tape though, so i can finish. let's see, what else was good? oh yeah. i finished an enterlac dishcloth! woohoo! didn't think i could, but once i understood the pattern it was easy peasy. it turned out huge, and a bit wonky, but i'm still excited! i'm working on another one right now with smaller needles. i'll get a picture of them when i finish the second one. and the last bit of good news? kyle and i installed our very first fan! only took us two years to find one that it perfect for the bedroom. lol. but, we did find it, and we installed it last night. well, kyle installed it, but i helped! i can't tell you how nice it feels to finally have a fan in there! now we just need to find them for the rest of the house. it will really help with that $250 electric bill!

ok, so i just realized how very unamusing this post has been... i'll just have to make it up to you by posting a picture from aruba. this one is one of my favorites and the view from our hotel room. grrrr. will someone tell me why my picture isn't uploading? i've tried three times already! i guess i'll post the picture as soon as i can figure out why it won't upload and fix the issue.

(apparently i can cut and paste html code from a previous post and change the photo name. woohoo!)

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