Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prayers Needed for My Family in Wisconsin

Hey all. I just found out today that my cousin's wife's family decided yesterday to take her father off of life support and he passed away yesterday afternoon. She just lost her brother-in-law just before Easter due to a drunk driver, so her and her family are having a really hard time right now.

I also found out that another cousin's house burned down last night. It started to the unattached garage and jumped to the house. The walls are still standing, but insurance says it's a total loss. And there was a nice tractor, a car, and a classic Harley in the garage. I know the pain they are going through as I lost everything a while ago due to a fire as well. We didn't lose the house, but my room and closet and attic were a total loss (I was in 7th grade).

Anyways, they are in dire need of prayers and I would appreciate any you can send their way.



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