Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WIP Wednesday

So, DH gave me a hard time in the store's forums a little while ago about all my WIPs. I therefore took pictures of all the WIPs I had here with me at the store and followed up by posting them in the forums. However, I realized that some of you may be interested in seeing them as well, and not frequent the forums, so I figured I'd do a WIP Wednesday. I'll post pictures of all WIPs I have right now, and then each Wednesday I'll post any progress pics I have. :)

So, first off is "For This Child" by My Big Toe. This is actually a commissioned project for my father's ex-admin assistant who is now a grandma! Congratulations Tracey!

I am using Gentle Arts black raspberry jam and old red paint on 32 copper penny linen.

#2 is "Peppermint Twist" by Blue Ribbon Designs. I have decided that I REALLY like this designer! I'm doing this as a Christmas SAL with Yoyo and a bunch of others! I'm using the called for Weeks Dye Works colors on 36 ct flax. Very happy with how it's turning out so far!

OK, so the next two might be considered UFOs at this point as for various reasons I haven't picked them up for a while. I still wanted to share them, though, so when I do get the chance to work on them again we'll be able to see the progress!

That being said, #3 is "Caring Wings" by Mirabilia. Basically she got put down in order to get things done for Christmas last year and hasn't been picked up again because there's always something that HAS to be done first! I'm using the called for threads, but for the life of me can't remember what material I'm working on...

#4 - some of you already know the story of why this one is a UFO right now. I'll keep it short by saying that "Sleepy Hollow" by Glendon Place is currently in time out. Something having to do with spending more then 2 hours frogging silk threads.... Anyways, it's being done as called for, fabric and all.

Back to a relatively current project....#5 is "Jardin d'jour" by Needlemania. I fell in love with the pattern and decided I needed to do it twice. Once in blue on a brown fabric and once in brown on blue fabric. Colors were matched to a pillow from my bedroom and I plan on hanging them both on a wall. Whether or not that will happen, we'll just have to wait and see. The pattern is fun, so it just might! Can't remember the names of the colors off the top of my head, but the fabric is 32 count (maybe chocolate brown?) and the thread is Threadworx (something to do with rain).

One more cross stitch WIP to go! This one was actually started yesterday. I was gently reminded by a great customer that I had a designer coming into the store in July and it would probably be nice to have something of hers hanging on my wall. So, I went through a list in my head of anyone who I know who might have one for me, but came up blank. Then I tried to come up with someone willing to do one for me but with the amount of time involved, came up blank there too. Therefore, below we have "Quaker Samplings I" by With my needle. I'm using 32 ct Light Examplar linen and Currant by Gentle Arts. Loving the big differences in color.

Last, but definitely not least, a WIP for you crocheters out there. This is the Sweetheart Ripple afghan featured in the Feb 2009 Crochet World magazine. The yarn is "I Love This Yarn" in cream and a purple whose name I can't remember. Very easy and enjoyable to do when I have time!

That's it! I promise next Wed won't be so long :) Guess I best get to work now!

Happy stitching!

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