Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tick Bite?

So, Kyle was out roaming around in the outdoors geocaching a week ago and came home with an insect bite of some sort on his ankle. A week later, it looked like this:

You can't quite see it well with the camera, but it looks like a classic bulls eye and to me screams tick bite. Especially since I had an ex-coworker who got bit by a tick and that's what his looked like. Kyle, of course, being a man, didn't believe me. Had to look it up online. Saw several pictures that looked just like his ankle. Hmmmmm. Still didn't believe me. Emailed his dad the picture of his ankle. Dad doesn't think it's a tick bite and he will be ok. Step mom, Jackie, isn't sure what it is and thinks he should go see a doctor. He finally conceded in going to urgent care (doesn't matter that his bite looked like a known tick bite and I had been telling him to go to the doc for several hours already). So, first off, I want to say a big thank you to Jackie for supporting me! Because without you, who knows what would have happened? Anyways, the doctor wasn't sure what kind of bite it was but he was going to treat it like a tick bite because Lyme Disease is not something you want to get. Kyle is now on antibiotics and I'm happy. Of course, now he's saying that he has to stay off his feet as much as possible and therefore can't mow the lawn, do the dishes or do laundry. Nice try! I keep telling him that if he would let me close the store for one day a week I'd be happy to help! Still no luck with that. Men!

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Parsley said...

Yes, this looks like a bad reaction to a tick bite to me. Better do antibiotics regardless because tick borne illnesses are nothing to mess around with. Will also pray.