Sunday, September 02, 2007

It Has Begun!

So, I went to my annual physical this past Friday and was informed that I had gained 23 pounds over the past year. 23 POUNDS!! How could I have let that happen? And that doesn't count all the weight that I had lost and gained back after many failed attempts at weight loss. Not good. The doctor suggested the Body for Life program by Bill Phillips. I bought the book a long time ago, read it, but never went through with it. I decided that now is the time. And what's perfect about my timing is a new challenge begins tomorrow! And a co-worker is interested in doing the program with me. So, we started today! I got up, did my upper body workout and have been eating balanced meals every couple of hours. And I'm determined to stick with it for the whole 12 weeks. We bought my sisters home gym from her and purchased a stationary bike from Academy. I'm all set and ready to go! Wish me luck! I'll keep you updated on how I'm doing and if you're lucky, I'll post my before and after pictures at the end of November!

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Weekend!


Shealynn Benner said...

I hear ya sista! I have gained 80 pounds since have kids!! 80 POUNDS! ICK! That is why I joined the gym, hired a personal trainer, and am eating much healthier, haha! :) Good Luck!

Que Sarah said...

You go girl!! You can do it!!! I'm a testament that anyone, ANYONE can lose weight... I gained over 60lbs since meeting my husband and just by losely following Weight Watchers (it all about portion control for me) I've lost 40lbs. It seems surreal... you just don't notice it creeping up on you, yet the reality of it is totally mind numbing. I'm behind you 100% on this!! You're going to look and feel great =) I'm proud of you girl!!

Kimberly said...

Go go go! Don'tcha hate how it creaps up on you? I've fought with the same 30lbs since moving over here - I'll lose it, gain it, lose it, gain it......not good! I'm currently in the lost it phase, but I still need to shed another 20 lbs or so! I'll wish us both luck!