Wednesday, September 05, 2007

International Crochet Day!

Mr. Jimbo is trying his hardest to start a new holiday dedicated to crochet, and I'm here to help promote it! What am I gonna do? I'm going to let EVERYONE I know about it! And they're going to tell EVERYONE they know about it! And so on and so forth. Any friends and family interested in learning (I know of a few)? I'm here to help in whatever way, shape, or form! So go out, grab a hook and some yarn, and start crocheting! I was hoping I could use my floating holiday this year to sit around and crochet all day, but, alas, my company is sending me to a clients office that week and I am unable to. So, after work that day I plan on sitting in my hotel room and crocheting my little heart out until I can't crochet anymore. Have yet to figure out what I'm going to make, but whatever it is will be going to charity. Guess I should pick a charity first, eh? So, ideas and suggestions are welcome! I also know what YOU are going to do to honor and promote International Crochet Day!

In other news, I have an FO!!!! Bet you would never have guess that, eh? I made Kimberly's Sideways Lace Scarf and I think it turned out great! I used Bernat DenimStyle in a color whose name I can't read off the label. lol. The pattern in the yarn makes it a little difficult to see the pattern in the scarf, but I loved the yarn - it's so soft and snuggly! I found another nice soft and snuggly yarn to make another scarf out of, but it's just too fuzzy. It was one of Hobby Lobby's yarns, and it was on sale, but now I have two skeins of it and I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe tomorrow I can take a picture of the yarn and give ya'll the stats so you can help me out. I know you are all brilliant and have great ideas!

Ok, I need to go prepare the strawberry cheesecake for dessert so I can do some crocheting. So, I'll leave you with the pics of my scarf! Sorry the full length picture is a tad blurry. I'll have to try re-taking it sometime. I want to make more so if anyone wants one, shoot me a comment! Have a great night!

Oh yeah - added the second strip to my afghan. Don't remember if I told ya or not. But, here is the pic of that too!


Diana said...

Hi don't know me and I'm a brand new as in just now, haha. I actually went to high school with your hubby, you know, back when he was tall and gangly, hehe. Anyway, so I'm on his myspace, and I mentioned on my bulletin that I want to try to learn to knit and no one here knows how and I found something on youtube, yadda yadda yadda, he messaged me and told me that his wife is a knitter, and said you'd love to chat knit, hehe. So, he gave me the link to your bloggy-blog, and here I am! :) I actually have wanted to try for YEARS, but no one I know personally knows how. My step-mom even went as far as getting me a beginner's "kit", but I'm not too good at learning off still shots. So, last night in a restless can't-sleep mode, I cruised youtube and tried a little last night (had the beginner's kit for a year, first time I opened it was last night) and trying my hand at it...not great start, but I'm determined, lol. Anyway, so HI, and hope you don't mind him giving me this link. I'm Diana, though I think it will tell you that when you get my comment, ha.

Kimberly said...

Great job on the scarf! It looks beeootiful!