Thursday, February 01, 2007

Work Sucks

So, I'm supposed to go home tomorrow and then leave again on Sunday to go to Canadian. And the week after, I'm supposed to go to Longview. Well, I'm still going home tomorrow (thank goodness) but now I'm going to Longview next week. And I'm supposed to come back to Houston, go to Canadian, and go to East Mountain the week after. WTF? How is that supposed to happen? Should be interesting to say the least. Needless to say, I need to have discussions with three project managers to figure out exactly where I'm going to be. Watch me end up in the office. I could just smack some people sometimes.

On a lighter note, I ordered the yarn for my magic ball swap! I was bad and ordered some for myself too. :) Shame on me. I'm very excited though. And I will finally force myself to make some socks! I cruised by the ville last night just to see what's been going on since I joined the freaks, and they're doing sign ups for a wool swap. I just may have to join. I wasn't part of the bruhaha that went down, but I am friends with some of those that were. Does that make me a bad person? I just love wool yarn and had such a blast doing the last wool swap...

So, I have recently gotten back in contact with a friend that I had like 15 years ago. We kept in touch here and there after I moved away from Pennsylvania in 92, but lost touch many years ago. Anyways, I got a message from her through classmates and we've been emailing ever since. I was so incredibly excited. Turns out we are still so very much alike, after all these years. It turns out she even has a secret passion for crochet! If you're reading this, Tammy, I'm very glad to know you again! When are you coming to visit? :)

Alright. I guess I should call Kyle and let him know my change in plans. He'll be happy to hear that I'm not leaving until Monday now. Maybe I'll even have some time to work on one of my many WIPs this weekend as well as study for my PG exam...

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