Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm Back!

And most of you probably didn't even know that I was gone...About two weeks ago (well, it will be two weeks on Friday), I loaded myself onto a southwest flight and headed out to California for a short vacation. Dad decided he wanted to have a surprise birthday/retirement party for my Mom and ask my sister, her hubby, her sons, and myself and Kyle to come out for it. As Kyle had just started a new job, he couldn't go, but the rest of us did! They came home from Vegas Saturday afternoon to approximately 75 people waiting for them. Us kids were the last to show ourselves and she was shocked! She had absolutely no clue whatsoever. It was so cool, and tons of fun. We were all scheduled to come back home on the following Tuesday, but since I've had no work to do lately because of my injury, I decided to stay longer and come home on Friday. I can't tell you how nice it was just to hang out with the folks! It was hard to leave.

Speaking of my injury, while I was in California, my hematomas finally decided to start decreasing in both size and pain! I couldn't believe it. Not sure what I did for that to happen, but whatever it is, I want to keep doing it! I've actually been in the office this week. Yeah! I go back to the dr. on Friday for an update. I'll let ya'll know how that goes.

Anyways, I'll leave ya with a picture of the parents and their grandkids from while we we in Cali.

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Shealynn Benner said...

Glad to hear about your hematomas (sp?). Sounds like you had a great time in Cali! :) Sorry that Kyle couldn't go! So glad your mom was surprised! That's so awesome! Oh, and yes! Definitely get A Thousand Splendid Suns! And, glad you liked The Kite Runner! :)