Sunday, January 21, 2007

Where, Oh Where, Has the Time Gone?

Wow. I can't believe that it's almost February 2007 already! Where has the time gone? It's been so long since I've logged into this site that I don't even know where to start. Things have been crazy with work and life in general. My twin nephews were born on Dec. 6th. Everyone is healthy and happy. Here's the happy family:

I finished their blankets a little late, but the blankies are still too big for them even now. Oops. They're warm and snuggly, though, so I'm sure they'll get their use.

I started training Capoeira ( in Nov. and fell in love with it. The people I train with are marvelous and the training itself is tons of fun. It kicks my butt every time I go, but it's well worth it. It's really been helping out with my daily aches and pains in me knee and back too. I can tell when I haven't trained in a while when the pain comes back. I just need to get work to stop making me travel so I don't miss any classes!

I do have a couple of FOs for 2007. I sat down the past couple of days and made Deneen's Chunky Brimmed Winter Chapeau ( and a Calorimetry ( Pictures are bad, though, as I took them myself. So don't laugh.

And I have about 90 grams of 100% bulky weight wool that I'm looking to do something with. Any ideas?

I'll quit boring you for now! Gotta go pack for a trip to Midland tomorrow. Going to be snowing there. Yuck. Of course, snow is better than ice any day.

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Kimberly said...

Great to see you back around again!

Love the finished projects!

Hmmmm.....felted bowl for that wool?