Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What a fun day

So, I drove home from San Angelo yesterday with my eye starting to burn a bit. Thought I may have scratched it, so as soon as I got home, I took my contacts out. By the time I went to bed, my eye was bright red, swollen, and watery. And it hurt when I had my eyes open, and it hurt when I had my eyes closed. So much for getting a decent night's sleep! Woke up this morning and couldn't open it real well, it was ultra sensitive to the light. Forget this! I'm going to the eye doctor. Ask Kyle if he would drive me, as I couldn't see properly and he almost convinced me not to go - it was only a scratch and it would get better. BUT, I'm supposed to be studying today, and I can't read. So, off we went. Apparently, I have an ulcer in the center of my eye. If not taken care of, it could have scarred and I would have permanently lost some of my vision. Not good. Glad I went now. Course, today is still going to suck because now my eye is dilated and will be for 8 hours. So, I still can't read all that well, and my eye is still ultra sensitive to the light. Oh, and I have to put eye drops in every 15 minutes for the next 24 hours. Thankfully, she is going to allow me to sleep tonight, but if I wake up in the middle of the night I have to put more eye drops in. And these puppies burn! Now I'm really stressing about this test! I guess I'm going to just have to do the best I can under the circumstances.

Update on Uncle Steve - The doctors ran some tests on Monday to check out his heart. One side was 80% blocked and they had to put a stint in. The other side was only 50% blocked, and they think that side will work just fine. If it gets worse, then they'll do something about it. And I think he had some tearing or something like that, but they said that should heal itself within the next 4 weeks. So, he's doing much better, and he is home now! Woohoo! Glad you're feeling better Steve!

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