Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Free Time

Yes, you heard it, I have free time. As of Monday, March 6, I no longer have a job. But, before you feel sorry for me, I feel as if a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Sure, I have no money, but I no longer have to deal with people treating with disrespect and acting as if I'm a child who knows nothing and is not capable of doing anything by herself. It all came down on me after complaining to HR about how I was treated. Coincidnece? I think not. So, I've been spending the past couple of days searching for a new job and crocheting! If anyone has any leads, please let me know!

My PG exam is finally done and over with. The first test seemed pretty easy, and I was done relatively fast - I was the second one to finish. The second test was a totally different story...I pulled a lot of answers out of my booty - meaning I guessed. A lot. BUT, I talked to someone afterwards that had more experience than me saying the same thing. So, I know it was the test, not me. My gut feeling is that I passed the first one,and will be re-taking the second one in October. Oh well. At least I have an idea of what to expect now, right?

Well, I guess it's back to the job hunt! Maybe I'll take the opportunity to get out of the environmental field and do something new!


Anonymous said...

Jenny, I feel horrible that you had to make that move..but from experience, I know sometimes you've got to keep your self pride and happiness. Good luck with your job search and I'm sure you will find something that will make you happy and fulfilled.

Your secret Pal

Tandi said...

Ooh, I feel your pain. My last day at my job is a week from Friday and I have nothing lined out but I feel so much better and I know I made the right decision. Hope the job search is going well.