Thursday, December 08, 2005

Can I go Home Now?

Got up early this morning so I would have some extra time to get to work with all the ice on the roads. Went outside while I was still getting ready to warm up the car. Fought to get the door open - there were icicles on my handle and the door was frozen shut. Turned on the car with the defroster on full blast in hopes of it melting the ice on the windshield. Came out 20 minutes later, still ice on the windshield. Tried scraping with drivers license for 10 minutes. Ruined drivers license. Yelled at Kyle to help me find something to scrap the car with. Went back outside with Kyle with kitchen utensils (one wood and one plastic spatula) and scraped windows. Drove to work. People are idiots. Got to work. Finished what I had to do in 15 minutes. The other work I was given to do was done already last month. Made some tea. Spilled pinapple juice all over me. Can I go home now? Should have brought crochet project with me today. For some reason I left it at home, when I usually carry it with me. Got yelled at yesterday for embarrassing my project manager because my fellow geologists just told me to go home since I had nothing to do. Tell me, how would that embarrass someone? So, looks like I'm stuck here until 5. Should be a great day, huh? Hope yours is better than mine!

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