Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Break Is Over! (I think...)

hello! how is everyone doing? is anyone still out there?!?!? kyle decided to start a blog (We Keep the Change) for us for our experiment in finding change, and he's inspired me to sign back in to blogger. i didn't realize it's been almost two years!!! things have been kind of insane over the last couple of years, but i know that's no excuse. somehow i'll find a way to catch you all up on what's been going on! lots of projects started and completed. i even decided to pick up a cross stitch again. i know, it's been a while (like 20 years) but i found something that i just had to make for kyle, so i'm working on it. i'll post pics when it's done and i've given it to him (look for pics in september). mom and dad finally made it out here to texas. moved in december of '08. went to a cross stitch store with mom yesterday and found my next project to kyle's dismay. lol. why i though cross stitch would be cheaper then crochet, i don't know. anyways, the hooks, needles, and yarn have been temporarily put aside. but, that's just the recent news. i'll catch ya up with pics soon!

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Jennifer said...

I've been trying to email you the spreadsheet, but it's not going through. :-( Can you send me an email at sweetpeastitches @