Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Update on Life

Life has been so hectic lately, and I finally have the chance to settle down after Friday and do some relaxing, so, what do I do? I sign up for another round of Secret Pals at Crochetville! Woohoo! I can't wait to see who my pal is going to be so I can start spoiling him/her.

Work, of course, is still going to be stressful. I actually talked to the head of HR yesterday because my senior geologist and project manager are treating me with disrespect. I actually got told that passing my PG exam on Friday was not important, and that if I didn't know my information for the exam by now, I wasn't going to know it. Oh, and that I was being childish for needing to study instead of work (I was told I could have the weekend off in the beginning of January and they decided on Friday that I needed to work on Sunday with my senior geologist just watching me)and I needed to control my anxiety attacks (of which I had a 5 hour one on Saturday and still went to bed with my heart pounding). Nice, huh? And it didn't help that my Uncle Steve had a heart attack Friday morning due to a blood clot in his heart. I was livid. I also forgot to mention that my annual evaluation was originally scheduled for last Thursday (because I was going to be out all week this week) and my PM re-scheduled it for Friday afternoon. I was in the field Friday morning and when I came into the office at lunch, my PM was gone. Went golfing. Not to return. Didn't bother cancelling or re-scheduling my evaluation (guess no bonus or raise for me) and never bothered to return my phone calls either. Not good. So, HR talked to the VP at my office yesterday, and he said he would talk to my PM when he gets back in town on Friday. Of course, the VP and my PM are friends (they were golfing together on Friday) so I wouldn't be surprised if the talk never happened. I think I may need to start looking for a new job soon.

Kyle is also talking about getting a new job working for a promotions company. It would require a lot of travel, but he would have the opportunity to make a salary equal to our combined salaries right now in 6 months time. Therefore, I wouldn't have to work anymore. He said I could go get a job at my LYS. AND, he's now looking at RVs so that I could occasionally travel with him and we could bring the doggies. Course, he's looking at RV's that cost over $100,000.00. Gonna be a while before we can afford that one! Lol. It is pretty cool though.

Well, my right eye, back, and legs are killing me. I think it's about time for a nice relaxing bubble bath, and bed. Help me to prepare to go to physical therapy and study my booty off for my exam. I can't believe it's this Friday. AHHHHHHHHH!


Wendy said...

Good Luck with your test!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your test and keep your chin up :)

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best of luck on your exam. Don't stress out, remain calm and focused.

Good Luck !!

Cousin Julie in AZ